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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: LSU 02 NGLD VTOL

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The LSU-02 NGLD (Next Generation Long Distance) VTOL aircraft is an unmanned aerial vehicle that was constructed in Indonesia. The aircraft was designed by researchers from BRIN, while the manufacturing was carried out by Aeroterrascan. The aircraft is a fixed-wing type and features a quadrotor for vertical take-off and landing. The main thruster machine of the aircraft employs a two-tax 33cc engine, whereas the quadrotor obtains its power from a battery. This aircraft has been utilized for the purpose for mapping and surveillance of difficult-to-access areas, hazardous zones, and disaster sites. It is capable of autonomous flight mode over a range of approximately 180 km with flight time of 2 hours. . Last Update in 2023-04-02 12:50:48

Keyword : uav, drone, survelience

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