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Neurosurgery: Aneurysm Clip

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An aneurysm clip is a metal surgical clip used to close off an aneurysm in the brain through a neurosurgical procedure. The neurosurgeon will place the clip across the neck of aneurysm to stop or prevent any bleeding. The development of anuerysm clips by Research Centre for Metallurgy, National Research and Inovation Agency (BRIN), Indonesia, aims to configurate the shape from available and commercial clips. This modification purposes to have a distrubuted clamping force along the anuerysm clipping blade. Our aneurysm clip products manufactured using a medical grade titanium alloy. This is a result from research collaborarion with the Faculty of Medicine, Pelita Harapan University and Siloam Lippo Karawaci Hospital. . Last Update in 2023-04-02 12:32:06

Keyword : aneurysm, clip

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