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Greenie: Sustainable Home Furnishing

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A collaboration between BRIN and Greenie has resulted in the development of non-timber-based materials that are suitable for the home furnishing industry. These materials utilize a free formaldehyde adhesive combined with agricultural waste, specifically Areca Leaf Sheath, in order to support the reduction of carbon emissions in furniture production. Greenie collected the material for decorative product from local farmers and small and medium-sized enterprises in Jambi. This material was then processed into sustainable home furnishing by makers and artisans. The utilization of this material offers a solution for furniture industries seeking to minimize formaldehyde emissions, while also reducing the need for logging activities. Additionally, this material provides a fresh nature-inspired design, increases environmental awareness, and promotes responsible production. . Last Update in 2023-04-02 11:31:30

Keyword : decorative, sustainable, free formaldehyde emissions

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