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Edible Coating Solution

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BRIN researched to develop an edible coating solution primarily composed of palm derivatives of solid fraction. This coating is intended for horticultural products to delay their ripening and prolong their shelf life. By reducing the respiration rate of the products, this coating slows down their metabolism, maintains their firmness, and prevents water loss during storage. The coating solution has been tested by dipping famous mango varieties in Indonesia, such as Arummanis and Gedong Gincu, and snake fruit (or Salak) at room temperature. Results indicate that the freshness of these fruits can be maintained for up to 13-15 days. Similarly, coated mangosteen and Kepok Banana (or Pisang Kepok) can retain their fresh appearance for 20-30 days. This innovation is expected to reduce post-harvest loss, increase the economic value of products, and enhance the microbiological safety of quality products. . Last Update in 2023-04-02 12:37:15

Keyword : edible coating, extend shelf-life, palm, fruits

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