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Chip Block Pallet : Compressed Sawdust Block

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The Chip Block Pallet is a composite product that is produced in an eco-friendly manner. It is created by processing wood waste obtained from the furniture industry. The sawdust, which is sourced from the furniture centers in Jepara, is treated with a mixture of isocyanate, polyol, methylene chloride, and its derivative products. This innovative technology provides a solution to several problems such as reducing formaldehyde emissions, decreasing import reliance, and addressing the issue of wood waste in the furniture industry. The resulting product possesses competitive qualities, such as superior load strength, high durability, a high nail holding capacity of up to 2,900 kilograms, improved efficiency using cold press technology, and the application of smaller amounts of adhesive (approximately 3%). . Last Update in 2023-04-02 12:04:33

Keyword : sawdust, waste, ecofriendly

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